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While every lot is different, most lots can be completed within one day and can be operational within a few hours of completion.

Yes! At MarkPro, we work on your schedule. We will work with you to come up with a service plan. Most clients request we do this when the business is closed, or after-hours.

MarkPro uses professional striping products from Graco, Inc.©, and the Sherwin-Williams© Company.

Yes! MarkPro is a full-service asphalt maintenance company. For more information, see our services page.

Professional traffic and paint products are designed to dry almost instantly. Even on days with colder temperatures, we see drying times under five minutes. Your lot should be operational shortly after the striping is completed.

How long the paint will last is dependent on many factors, such as traffic flow and pavement condition. Painted areas with higher traffic flows, such as drive-thrus, will wear much faster.

Yes! At MarkPro, we provide full installations of all types of sport courts and athletic fields. We use official surfacing materials of the USPTA and USA Pickleball.

With our wide selection of services, each individual project is unique. Cost can fluctuate depending on what is needed, location, materials and labor.