Bollard Installation

Bollard Installation

Bollards are essential for traffic control, protecting vehicles, important areas, workers, pedestrians, and buildings. Consulting with professionals and understanding the purpose of using bollards can help find the best product for your application. MarkPro provides and installs bollards for customers, contractors, construction crews, and public works departments throughout New England.

Benefits of Safety Bollards

Bollards enhance the appearance of areas, protect storefronts, pedestrians, drivers, and buildings. They can be customized with lighting devices to discourage crime and improve visibility at night. Removable bollards provide temporary traffic control during specific events. They also protect drivers at racing events, police officers, and historic sites from damage or vandalism.

Bollard Installation

Bollard installation options differ from bollard type. Fixed or permanent bollards are installed in asphalt and concrete using coring equipment.

Surface-mounted bollards are mounted to surfaces only using anchor bolts. These bollards can be replaced or removed easily.

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