D.O.T or the Department of Transportation sets the standards for safety and regulations on all major modes of transportation. At MarkPro, we provide D.O.T striping, marking, layout and stenciling services for main roads and municipalities. 

DOT Marking Solutions

D.O.T striping and marking solutions include line striping or restriping, new road layouts, D.O.T spec. stenciling, thermoplastic markings, municipal crosswalks and more.

Additional information on individual D.O.T. services can be seen below. 

Road Striping / Layout

In addition to road striping, our DOT/Municipal team provides full layouts of newly paved roads. From start to finish, we’ve got you covered. For more information or questions about new road and layout striping, feel free to contact us at any time. 

Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic is a material that hardens when heated and softens when cooled, making it ideal for pavement markings. It is more durable than paint-based markings, lasting up to 10 times longer, resistant to sunlight fading, and less likely to be damaged by vehicles. 

Thermoplastic markings can be applied in a wider range of temperatures and are highly reflective, making them easier to see at night or in poor weather conditions – though more expensive.

D.O.T/FHWA Stencling

DOT/Municipal roads require certain specifications and sizing of road stencils. Our team provides full DOT/Municipal stenciling services, conforming to all laws and regulations. Common DOT stencils include in-lane arrows, turn arrows, stop stencils, stop bars, pedestrian stencils and more. 

Typical DOT/FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) regulation stencils run between 96″-120″. 

Crosswalk Striping

Crosswalk markings provide guidance for pedestrians who are crossing roadways by defining and delineating paths on approaches to and within signalized intersections, and on approaches to other intersections where traffic stops. Common crosswalk types include; standard, continental and zebra. 

Our team of marking professionals can help determine which crosswalk solutions will work best for your application. 

Reflective Glass Safety Beads

MarkPro offers a range of safety solutions, including standard 1.5 and highly reflective 1.9 refractive index beads, in various sizes to accommodate various weather and roadway types. These products provide improved driving confidence and reduced accidents, with 1.9 glass beads offering superior reflectance and larger beads maintaining visibility during wet weather conditions.

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