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Traffic Signage & INSTALL

Physical traffic signs are an essential part of lot & driver safety and are required by law on all commercial lots. Signs come in many shapes and sizes and are used for an array of applications such as parking lot and highway use.

MarkPro offers full signage solutions. We design, manufacture and install, all in-house. We have a dedicated installation team, delivering high-quality signs, on-demand. In addition to traffic signage, we manufacture custom signage for businesses.


There are many different types, sizes and materials used in traffic signage manufacturing. Our traffic signage is produced using .080 aluminum (a 10-year outdoor durability rating) and 3M©’s Diamond-Grade, High-prismatic reflective sheeting – the best materials available. All signs are MUTCD/DOT compliant.


We supply hardware for all mounting options. SIgnage hardware options include wall-mounting hardware, u-channel and square tube posts. Common mounting options include wall-mounting, asphalt coring and anchoring cement, surface-mount plates and dirt-driven posts. Your surface type will determine your mounting option viability. 

Below, you will find more information on each specific mounting type and hardware options. Our signage team will help in choosing a mounting and hardware option that will work for you.


Wall-mounted signage is a great choice for parking against buildings, as it requires no posts. Usually done with self-tapping or masonry screws and can be done on any surface.


Posts that are surface-mounted are usually on a concrete surface. The sign post sits on a metal plate that is held in placw with anchoring bolts.

U-Channel Post

The traditional and most common way to mount a sign is with a u-channel post. These posts are very versatile and are great for dirt areas.


More common than not, you will find a stop sign that sits in the dirt. U-channel posts are used in applications like these and are a great choice as they can save on cost. 

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