EV Charging Services

EV charging Services

With the quick rise in electric vehicles (EVs), we now offer full range striping services to accommodate its rapid growth. EV parking helps distinguish where and whether or not your parking lot supports EV charging. It’s typically marked with green parking lines and an EV stencil with either the two letters “EV” or a car with a plus symbol or cord.

Benefits oF EV Parking

Electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to become the majority of vehicles on the road within the next decade, making commercial entities like stores, restaurants, office complexes, educational institutions, and condo associations a valuable asset.

Adding EV charging stations in parking lots can increase property value, build brand reputation, comply with local regulations, and generate revenue. Businesses can charge flat fees, determine markups for charges, or promote them as a free perk for members and customers.

By implementing these charging stations, businesses can attract and retain customers, increase property value, and comply with local regulations.

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