MarkPro offers warehouse striping and walkway solutions for indoor applications, focusing on design, durability, and budgetary aspects. We provide a complete warehouse package, from conceptual design to installation, optimizing customer operations.

Costs for warehouse striping installations vary based on concrete preparation, paint system, with lower durability options being offered that are quicker and cheaper. We collaborate with customers and can create a mix of solutions within your budget, ensuring a cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

Warehouse Marking SOLUTIONS

Warehouse solution options can vary, and can often require additional planning and preparation, including the consideration of materials and usage of the facility. Warehouse floor coatings will need to be sandblasted or shotblasted prior to the painting process to ensure proper material adhesion.

We often recommend enamel-based products and engineered tape applications developed from companies like 3M©, which can
outlast any type of paint. Facility usage also plays a part in what material will be best for your type of application. Within each solution, there are also different material options, such as color choices, material thicknesses and chemical resistance types.

Epoxy-Based Floor Coatings

MarkPro provides floor coatings for warehouse and distribution facilities, providing durable, chemical-resistant surfaces for battery charge areas, manufacturing, and high-traffic pedestrian routes. High-performance coating systems must be applied over a prepared surface, we use specialty concrete preparation equipment to remove contaminated surfaces.

A wide range of colors are available, including grey for warehouse use and dark red for food preparation areas. The company can apply striping and other markings to the new coatings, achieving various designs such as stalling lanes, storage lanes, numbering, dock bays, hang areas, pedestrian walkways, fire exits, stencils, and forklift parking. The project management team handles all coating projects, focusing on customer operation and ensuring constant communication.

Benefits of MArking Tape

Choosing 3M© products may be a better option for those looking to have a low impact on business operating times, as they require less surface preparation. For example, shotblasting or sandblasting is not required for this type of material application, which in turn allows us to compete the job in less time.

There are other variables to consider as well. Does your facility operate with gasoline-powered vehicles? These vehicles can leak exhaust fluids and can leave an oily residue on the surface – making particular products potentially unviable.

Warehouse Floor Shot blasting

The shot blast machine uses a controlled shot at concrete, revealing a fresh, roughened surface. This process is controlled by a vacuum system, preventing dust and debris. The chosen paint system is then applied, creating a durable floor striping system.

The low profile of the shot blast method reduces forklift impact and forms a strong bond with the prepared surface. Shotblasting is one of the strongest and long-lasting solutions. Customers typically recoat between 4 and 5 years after installation.

Additional Information
  • Free consultation and planning.
  • Weekend/night installations available to minimize disruption.
  • Options available for chemical resistance.
  • Painted, taped and illuminated options available.
  • Warehouse Marking New Hampshire
  • Warehouse Marking Massachusetts
  • Warehouse Marking Maine

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