Crack Sealing & Repair

Crack Sealing & Repair

Cracks in pavement can lead to significant problems like potholes and sub-base failure if left untreated. Crack sealing is a cost-effective pavement preservation treatment that slows pavement deterioration and extends its life.

It is important to perform crack sealing before pavement becomes too distressed and is suitable for cracks wider than ⅛ of an inch. However, alligator cracking may indicate failures requiring repair beyond crack sealing, and potholes and cracks wider than 1½ inches should not be sealed. MarkPro also offers full pothole repair services.

Benefits of crack Sealing

Crack sealing is a crucial asphalt maintenance process that prolongs the lifespan of a lot and prevents water intrusion. Asphalt surfaces can become brittle and bleached over time, leading to cracks. Crack sealants are essential to prevent water from leeching in below the pavement surface. Our Asphalt repair contractors can quickly repair cracks, which can be active and expand over time. 

When combined with sealcoating solutions, crack sealing can be a life-saving prescription for asphalt. Crack sealing is the most cost-effective way to preserve the integrity of your commercial parking lot.

Hot Rubber Application

Using commercial-grade, oil-jacketed melters, a rubberized material gets heated to 350° and a pressurized wand system injects the material into the crack and onto the surface of the pavement. The surface retains a 2″ strip over the crack that repels any moisture, preventing further damage. 

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